Black Rob Speaks On “Life Story 2” Album & Moving To The South

Black Rob Speaks On "Life Story 2" Album & Moving To The South

Thirteen years after dropping Life StoryBlack Rob is readying a sequel to the project. In an interview with AllHipHop, the former Bad Boy Records artist discussed what fans can expect from Life Story 2, which spawned the hit single “Whoa!” “It was a no brainer,” he explained. “If you know Black Rob you know what I was coming with when I was on Life Story 1The Black Rob ReportGame Tested Streets Approved, I never lost what a rapper needed to take it over the top.” “It was just my management and my labels that was crazy,” he added. Rob also discussed why he decided to move to the South. “I moved somewhere down south in a undisclosed location. I turn the radio on in New York, all I hear is 2 ChainzT.I.Future…the list goes on. Why would I wanna be there, might as well come down here an enjoy the living and the music. This is the Mecca right now as far as music is concerned.” Watch the interview below:


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