Wesley Snipes Released From Prison, Now On House Arrest

Blade aka Nino Brown from New Jack City aka Wesley Snipes has been released from prison. The acclaimed actor had been in the bing since 2010 for tax evasion.

TMZ reports:

Passenger 57 is no longer Inmate #43355-018 — TMZ has learned Wesley Snipes has been released from prison. The Federal Bureau of Prisons tells TMZ … Snipes was released on April 2 and transferred to the New York Community Corrections Office, which will oversee his home confinementHome confinement (aka house arrest) will end July 19. Snipes checked into McKean Federal Correctional Institution in Pennsylvania back in December 2010 after he was convicted for failing to file federal income tax returnsLet this be a reminder … you’ve got 10 days left, people!!!

Back in 2008, Snipes was convicted of willful failure to file federal income tax returns. Despite a number of appeals, he began serving his three year sentence in December, 2010 and even filed another appeal in 2011 that was rejected. Our only advice for Mr. Snipes is a handy Jay-Z lyric from “Show You How” off The Blueprint 2;  “Pay ya taxes, you ni–as is hustling backwards.” Welcome home Wesley!



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