The-Dream Proposes R&B Supergroup With Chris Brown, Miguel, Trey Songz & The Weeknd

The-Dream is no stranger to crafting R&B classics, and hopes to cement a few more with his forthcoming album IV Play. Having had a hand in the culture in variety of ways over the past decade, the singer-songwriter and producer recently shared his dream to create a R&B supergroup with a surprising cast during a sit down with The Grio. The topic arose after he and host Kyle Harvey discussed his work on Watch The Throne, and if he’s ever considered doing a collaborative project with anyone. “I would actually love to probably put together a super R&B group,” replied the Atlanta native. When asked who he would want in the group, he named himself, Chris BrownTrey SongzMiguel and most surprisingly, The Weeknd. Despite drawn comparisons between the two and rumors that he and The Weeknd weren’t particularly friendly, the Grammy award winner actually spoke highly of the Toronto crooner. “What I love about The Weeknd is he stays on his own course, he has his own carved-out thing in place and I mean as him as a person.” “Musically, you can’t really be affected by who’s somebody saying you sound like, because we all somehow kinda sound like each other some way.” Hear The-Dream speak more on this R&B supergroup and more in the full sit down with The Grio here.



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