DJ Premier Recalls Friendship With Tupac & Jay-Z’s Work Ethic

DJ Premier Recalls Friendship With Tupac & Jay-Z's Work Ethic

DJ Premier recently explained just how connected Hip Hop artists can be. In an interview with experienced A&R Jeff Sledge for Al Lindstrom, Premier described his friendship with Tupac and his observations of Jay-Z’swork ethic. “We knew Pac before he bubbled,” the Gang Starrproducer explained. “We knew him when he was going through his drama and we remained really close friends.”  “We were really there, at their house, throwing wild parties. Before Pac even dropped [1992’s]‘Trapped,’ we were hanging out with Pac like that,” he added. Premier also recalled an experience where Tupac used the crowd to protest when he did not receive payment for a show. According to Premier, Pac went on stage saying, “Yo, they ain’t got my mothafuckin’ money and I want y’all to tear this place up right now!”  Premier also shared memories of watching Jay-Z in the studio. He recalled seeing Jay go from a session with Too Short for “A Week Ago” to a session with him for “A Million and One Questions (Remix),” running back and forth between takes. “His success is well deserved,” Premier stated in the interview. “He busts his ass.”

More of Premier’s conversation with Sledge can be viewed below.

DJ Premier worked with Jay-Z on the aforementioned track but he has also produced others songs for Hova including “D’Evils,” “Friend or Foe” and “So Ghetto.”  In 2010, Greg Nice told HipHopDX’s Jake Paine about a collaboration between Tupac and DJ Premier. “Yeah,” he said, confirming their collaboration. “And [DJ Premier] loved [Tupac] as well. To the point where that’s all he talks about.”


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