Gucci Mane Arrested Again One Day After Release

Gucci Mane stays losing. Shortly after being released from prison—a grand total of one day—Gucci Mane was arrested again on Friday for a probation violation.

Reports TMZ:

Gucci Mane wastes no time … He’s back behind bars — exactly ONE DAY after being released from jail — TMZ has learned. 

Mane was locked up on March 26 after allegedly assaulting a man with a bottle in an Atlanta nightclub.  A judge initially denied the rapper bail.  The judge then softened and two days ago set bail at $75,000. Good news for Mane — he was sprung from the pokey yesterday. Bad news for Mane — he was re-arrested today for a probation violation. Sorta good news for Mane — we hear Saturday is movie night in the pokey. On April 9, the “So Icey” rapper was indicted on aggravated assault charges thanks to his champagne bottle fade. Reportedly, Gucci’s re-arrest didn’t have anything to do with his assault case. Before his return to the bing, the court mandated that he remain on a 24-hour curfew at home, wear an ankle monitoring device and submit to random drug testing. A man named TJ claims to have been attacked by Gucci after asking to take a picture with him at a Philadelphia nightclub.

Despite no longer rocking with his Bricksquad buddy Waka Flocka Flame, Gucci Mane stilled dropped a few mixtapes recently, including the DJ Holiday hosted Trap Back 2 project.


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