Gucci Mane Didn’t Tell Judge “B-tch I Might Be” When Asked If He Was Guilty reports:

What does the rapper have to say about all this? According to a probably (definitely) fake photo that was shared on Reddit and ran rampant on Twitter Wednesday morning, when a judge asked if he was guilty, the Spring Breakers star replied with: “B-tch I might be.”

If only it were real.

Not only is the phrase a lyric to Mane‘s song “Pillz (B-tch I Might Be),” but I’m pretty positive that Fox wouldn’t display the uncensored word “B-tch” on its banner. Oh well. Major props to the photo’s creator for sparking all of our imaginations.

And there you have it.

Nevertheless, Gucci is back in the clink after getting re-arrested just a day after posting bond for the aforementioned assault case.



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