French Montana Admits That His Music Isn’t “Lyrical”

French Montana has expectations of himself but also knows his limitations. Rather than set a high standard for himself, he is well aware of how he’s found success. Montana has no problem boasting about how great his Excuse My French debut will be but went a step further in stating what we already know. “Obviously I don’t be trying to get lyrical,” he told “It’s not a secret.” Since he’s not hung up on content, the  Coke Boy’s  hitmaking process is pretty simple. “I just make music out of love and feeling. I wake up feeling f—ed up, I make a f—ed up song.” So far Montana’s method has been pretty successful. He’s jumped on numerous hits singles in the last year, and earned his own gold plague for “Pop That.” His highly anticipated debut is set to drop May 21 and will feature appearance from the likes of  Rick Ross, Diddy, Reakwon, Birdman, and Ace Hood.


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