Warrant Issued For Love And Hip Hop Atlanta’s Lil Scrappy!

Lil scrappy teeth

Per djsdoingwork.com, this whole dilemma seems to be stemming from a problem in March, when Lil Scrappy attempted to provide a urine sample that was cold, to officials.  Anyone who has ever been of pre-school age knows, urine is not cold when it comes out, it’s body temperature warm. But you get where we’re going here. As a part of  Scrappy’s probation requirement, the rapper is supposed to adhere to drug and alcohol restriction rules after he was arrested in 2008 for marijuana. A warrant was summarily issued for his arrest after Scrappy refused to do an on the spot test.

Says Scrappy’s Attorny Mawuli Mel Davis,

“It is our hope that the Judge will recall the revocation warrant that is currently pending against Mr. Richardson (Lil Scrappy). Since Mr. Richardson’s release from jail, he has been reporting to probation as ordered and doing his best to comply with all conditions of probation,”

Well, considering that “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta begins next week, we hope that Mr. Richardson is able to get this resolved soon! A LHHA reunion show would be no fun without Scrappy and his unexpected surprises!



One thought on “Warrant Issued For Love And Hip Hop Atlanta’s Lil Scrappy!

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