Lil Flip Concert Ends In Violence

Lil Flip Concert Ends In Violence

Gunfire erupted at a Lil Flip event this weekend. The rapper, who was already warrant for arrest in Louisiana after missing a court date this week, was hosting a 4/20 concert in Denver when two men began shooting into the crowd.According to reports, several people were struck by gunfire, including a man, a woman and a minor who was rushed to the hospital. Some people were also trampled as they attempted to flee the violence.

The Denver Police Department‘s Gang Unit took over investigations and are currently looking for two suspects. when Lil’ Flip was in the middle of a rendition of “Riding Spinners” at the 4/20 rally at the Civic Center Park in Denver, CO yesterday when two men began shooting into the crowd. A man and a woman were shot in the leg and a juvenile was sent to a hospital after being grazed by a bullet. Other (less severe) injuries were sustained when the audience fled away from the stage and some people were trampled. The investigation into the shootings was turned over to the Denver Department’s Gang Unit today. Police are currently searching for two suspects.


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