Jim Jones Says He Was Racially Profiled At Newark Airport

Jim Jones claims to have been the victim of racial profiling at Newark Internatinonal Airport in New Jersey, last week. TMZ  reports that the Harlem rapper was pulled over and ordered out of his car– all because he’s black. Jones was headed to the airport to pick up a friend, when an officer approached, claiming to smell kush coming from his car. Surrounded by four cops, the 36-year-old submitted to a search of both the vehicle, and his person. Authorities were reportedly looking for drugs and/or guns, but found nothing. They ticketed Jones for driving without a license, and his rep is adamant that skin color is what got the “Diplomat” pulled over. “He was searched for nothing more than racial profiling.” The NY/NJ Port Authority is investigating the incident. This isn’t the first Jones has been in trouble with the cops. He was most recently arrested in February, for obstruction of justicedisorderly conduct, and two outstanding warrants over unpaid tickets.




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