Katt Williams Gets No Jail Time For Leading Police On A Chase


Remember that time Katt Williams led Sacramento police on a chase while he was driving a 3-wheel motorcycle? For civilians that would probably mean jail time, but for the troubled comedian it means a lot of community service

TMZ reports:

Katt was in court today, where he pled down to misdemeanor evading police … stemming from the wild three-wheeled chase he led cops on last November. Katt had originally been charged with felony evading police … but prosecutors agreed to reduce the charge. As part of the deal, Katt was sentenced to 428 hours of community service to be completed in 9 months — but no jail. Katt’s attorney Richard Schonfeld tells us, “Mr. Williams looks forward to working with the community and moving on with his life.”

Recently, while promoting Scary Movie 5, Williams said he was wants his crown back after Mike Epps said Kevin Hart has become a star in his absence. That and the bizarre behavior fans witnessedf from Williams late last year that included him pimp slapping a Target employee and generally acting up while performing on stage.



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