Tyler Perry SUED Again; Writer Claims Perry Stole “Temptation” Idea From Him


Tyler Perry has been sued AGAIN for apparently ‘stealing’ someone’s story-line… An Indiana man who says that he was the first person to ever write a story about a woman cheating on her husband. Writer William James of Gary, Indiana, filed a lawsuit against Perry in U.S. District Court in Indiana on Wednesday, which claims that Perry’s 2013 film Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor is a complete rip-off of his 2009 screenplay Lovers Kill. According to the lawsuit, James’ script and Perry’s film involve a marriage that is ruined after the wife has an affair. But, isn’t this like everyday life?? I thought Perry, adapted this film after his play “The Marriage Counselor“?

 Tyler Perry SUED

But still James says that he passed a copy of his script through the right channels hoping that somewhere down the line it would get to Perry’s desk. It’s unclear whether or not it ever did. In any case, James is seeking unspecified damages that include an edit to Temptation’s opening and closing credits. If he wins, it will read “Based on the Novel ‘Lovers Kill’ by William James.” Ouch. It’s doubtful that James will win his lawsuit, but even if he does, it’s not like Temptation has been the runaway success train he’d want to hitch his cart to anyway. It hasn’t done very well with critics, but with $49 million at the box office, it has been a modest financial success. Perry’s people have not yet commented on the lawsuit.



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