Waka Dismisses Gucci’s Impact On His Career

Waka Dismisses Gucci's Impact On His Career

Waka Flocka made a recent appearance on “The Combat Jack Show” and again made it crystal clear that he and Gucci Mane have no chance of reuniting or rekindling their friendship. And he dismissed any notion that Gucci was the launchpad for his career.  

“I don’t think I’m going to see him in the streets, the sh*t I’m doing,” Waka said. “Mentor? Like, dude said, I ain’t going to go against him — I feel like nobody helped me do sh*t. Not my mama, not Gucci, my first album, Gucci ain’t even on it, period.” “I don’t know what secret feelings that man got,” Waka said. “From my personal opinion it gotta be jealousy or envy or something. [I heard he said his Twitter got hacked?] I guess God hacked it.”

via: hiphopblog


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