Naughty By Nature’s Treach Fires Vinnie?

Naughty By Nature's Treach Fires Vinnie?

One of the most popular hip-hop groups of the 1990s may officially be over.

Naughty By Nature appeared to implode on social media last night (May 6th) after tweet from the account of group frontman Treach blasted his bandmate, Vinnie. While it is unclear what provoked the outburst, it certainly seemed to indicate that Naughty By Nature’s core was no longer going to be working together. “Vinnie from NAUGHTY BY NATURE is Officially FIRED!!” the tweet read. “Anything he does besides shows til Sept is Frugazy!! F**k him & the Ground he Walks!!” “Anybody that f**ks with that B*tch ass N***a Don’t F**k with Me!!” a second tweet said.

Treach, Vin and DJ/producer Kay Gee have been one of the hip-hop’s most popular touring veteran acts, and were hugely successful during the 1990s, with a string of hit albums and singles. There has been some speculation that the account may have been hacked, but nothing is confirmed.



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