Treach Explains His Beef With Vinnie

Treach Explains His Rift With Vinnie

Rapper Treach shocked longtime Naughty By Nature fans when he blasted bandmate Vinnie (aka “Vin Rock“) and claimed Vin had been “fired” from the group via Twitter earlier this week. Vin responded by tweeting that you “can’t fire the owner,” which has prompted Treach to release a diss track aimed at his longtime partner called “Tall Midget,” and he explained to AllHipHop why he’s fed up with Vinnie. “We never wanted to be the group that goes though anything that we can’t resolve on our own, or anything else,” Treach explained. “Nobody—me being Treach, Kay [Gee] and Vin [Rock] being Vin – is larger than the group. We came [in] on some ego-free sh*t. Now, when somebody comes and gets larger than the group, it’s gonna be a problem.”

“If you see any of our albums, it says ‘written and produced by Naughty By Nature,'” he continued. “Because, homie you, [Vinnie], was somebody that was over there beat-boxing and break-dancing and any lyrics you had anywhere, was written for you. Don’t never get larger than the group. The producer and the writer of the group are always like ‘we, we, we,’ not ‘me, me, me.’ Even if you don’t do sh*t, we gonna make sure you taken care of for the rest of your life.” Treach also revealed that he and Vinnie haven’t really interacted on a personal level in about two years.



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