Luke Still Angry At Diddy & French Montana

Luke Still Angry At Diddy & French Montana

Miami bass legend Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell is still steaming over the fact that French Montana sampled his early 1990s hit “I Wanna Rock” for his hit track “Pop That.” Despite not owning the rights to “I Wanna Rock,” Luke says he was offended by the way Diddy handled the situation.

“Ok, let me tell you how it all went off. In the beginning Puffy told me to come to do a video shoot in Miami on Memorial Day last year,” Luke said in an interview with Hot 97. “I asked, ‘What video shoot, to what song?,’ because I work with a lot of kids. They never told me the name of the song nor did they ever send me a copy of the song. So they were basically trying to set me up to be a part of a video shoot to a song that had me appearing on it. Second of all, these guys had press conferences – this stuff is all online – and this guy is sitting here saying, ‘Hey I just did a song with Uncle Luke and all these other guys on the song.’ So we’re seeing this information online and seeing all the press conferences, and I’m thinking like, ‘What song did I do with this guy? I really don’t even know the guy.’ So they did the video and that’s why I didn’t appear in the video, because I wasn’t going to appear in anything I didn’t hear or know anything about.”



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