Talib Kweli Discusses Rappers Losing Deals

Talib Kweli Discusses Rappers Losing Deals

Interview on “Sway In the Morning,” Brooklyn rapper Talib Kweli spoke about the recent controversies involving Lil Wayne and Rick Ross, and their losing corporate endorsements due to the public backlash against their lyrics. Kweli says that he didn’t want anyone to lose money.

“I feel like Lil Wayne and Rick Ross should get money. I was disappointed that they got dropped,” Talib told Sway. “I wish they would have came with stronger apologies sooner and kept they money. The reason I said something, I wanted them to keep their money. I don’t want to see no Black man lose nothing. These companies obviously don’t have our best interests in mind. They obviously don’t. It’s also a money thing. It’s a look. That’s also why you can’t say these artists aren’t hip-hop. You can’t say Lil Wayne and Rick Ross ain’t hip-hop. From the outside looking in, these men have dedicated their lives to the music. Whether you like their output or not, they represent hip-hop for millions of people and that can’t be fronted on.”



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