Kobe Bryant’s Parents Call Him A Liar

Kobe  Mom Pam Bryant

Those of us who sort of hoped that Kobe Bryant and his parents would have made up before Mother’s Day, can forget all about that pipe dream! According to TMZ, Kobe’s parents are standing together and away from Kobe! They claim Kobe was lying about  his mother allegedly stealing more than a million dollars worth of his basketball memorabilia and putting it up for auction. Pamela and Joe Bryant, both filed sworn declarations in the legal dispute between Kobe and Goldin Auctions, the auction house that has the property from Kobe’s childhood. In those declarations they swore that Kobe willingly gave his mother the memorabilia and they should be able to sell them if they see fit.  According to Kobe’s dad,

“Kobe gave his mother the memorabilia over the years, telling her, “Here mom, these are for you.”” Kobe’s mom insists she never took anything from him without permission. Kobe’s grandma even  filed a declaration in support of his mother.

However, Kobe’s sister, Sharia Washington, filed a declaration claiming their mother has been conspiring to sell Kobe’s stuff for years, and that she’s been telling her that the family could profit greatly from Kobe’s stardom. Kobe has counter sued, claiming his mother stole the memorabilia from his house. This was done in an attempt to  stop Goldin from selling the items and to have them returned to him. A judge agreed last week to halt the sale temporarily, in order to investigate the matter further.



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