Waka Flocka Flame Prepping Anti-Violence Concert In Chicago

Waka Flocka Flame is anti-violence, and is taking his stance to Chicago. Waka will hold a concert in the Windy City next month, aimed at addressing the violence running rampant in the area. No location has been announced, but the event will be a collaboration between the Brick Squad star and the organization, United in Peace Inc. “Senseless acts of violence is happening all over the world but it starts with us acknowledging the acts know. Chicago is the first but not the last for me,” the rapper said in a statement to Hip-Hop Wired. According to a press release, the 26-year-old “remains humble” about the opportunity, despite any opposition surrounding the appearance due to his lyrics. Waka is known to promote violence in his rhymes, like in “Hard In Da Paint”  where he spits: “Glock 9 to SK if you want to beef/Shorty point blank range, I put yo a** to sleep.” All proceeds from the concert will go to UIP, whose purpose is to “help formerly incarcerated individuals re-enter their communities and reduce recidivism.” Going into the summer months, murders in Chicago have dropped by 42 percent from the same period last year.



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