TQ Spills The Tea On Lil Wayne And Birdman “Kissing Everyday”


TQ, the former YMCMB artist that never put out any projects during his stay, was interviewed recently and the topic of kissing between Lil Wayne and Birdman was resurrected…again. Lot’s of fans think that Birdman is Lil Wayne’s father or step father or that he dated Wayne’s mother at some point, and all of those people are incorrect. So, the kissing situation has always been a puzzler for those who knew they were not related and that Birdman had no romantic links to Weezy’s mom.

TQ says,

“I never understood it, I asked for an explanation and they gave me an explanation and as a man as part of my clique had to respect the explanation. People don’t understand them dudes did that sh*t every day. They consider themselves father and son. We constantly use to get into that and I told them when we in public and cameras were under they are not gonna understand that sh*t and them nigg** didn’t care. It was constantly happening every day! We had mad conversations about that. That was a constant struggle and they never gave a f*ck about my opinion about it. I have never seen homosexual tendencies from them cats! I think it’s weird, but I don’t think there was no homosexual sh*t involved!”

The picture below has been making the rounds on the internets again as a result of TQ’s interview.

Singer TQ Reveals Lil Wayne & Birdman Kissed "Constantly," But Wasn't "Homosexual"

Both Wayne and Birdman have been hearing this discussion for years. As you can see by the length of Weezy’s dreds in the picture, this has been going on for a very long time. We’re not sure why people continue to ask about it, as they never get an answer they are going to be happy with. But after all this time, is this even relevant anymore? Do we still care?



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