French Montana Is “Willing To Die” For Music

French Montana Is "Willing To Die" For Music

French Montana feels that everything he’s gone through has led him to this moment. The Morocco-born, Bronx-raised rapper released his long-awaited debut studio album last week, and talked to SOHH about his past and how it fuels his current success.

“I been shot in the process, I had a lot of altercations, I just been acting like I’m so high that I’m going to die,” Montana said “You ever get so high you start praying? I just feel like if you don’t sacrifice nothing for something you love, if you don’t have nothing to lose for somebody you love, then you don’t really, some people go through altercations with it and they just be like, ‘Man, I can’t do this sh*t, I’m scared.’ Then you got some people that are like, ‘I don’t care. I’m willing to die for this sh*t.’ That’s how I am.”



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